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Red eye is eye irritation or infection that triggers blood vessel dilation within your eyes. Optometrist Farrah A. Khoja, OD, the compassionate and skilled eye doctor at Vision Source of Crystal Falls in Leander, Texas, understands how much red eye can disrupt your life and she’s ready to help. Use the online scheduler or call the office to get red eye relief today.

Red Eye Q & A

What is red eye?

Red eye happens when the blood vessels in your eyes grow dilated, turning your eyes red. The many possible causes include:

  • Foreign body: object like a grain of sand in your eye
  • Contact lenses: wearing contact lenses too long
  • Dry eyes: red eye is a common symptom of dry eyes
  • Corneal abrasions: a scratch on your cornea
  • Corneal ulcer: a corneal abrasion that becomes an open sore
  • Ectropion: eyelid turns outward
  • Entropion: eyelid turns inwards, touching your eyeball
  • Conjunctivitis: a viral or bacterial infection commonly called pink eye
  • Eye allergies: environmental allergies and substance allergies are most common
  • Uveitis: inflammation of the uvea, the tissue in your eyewall
  • Herpes keratitis: eye infection that's triggered by the herpes simplex virus

Red eye has many other possible causes. To find out what’s causing your symptoms, it's important that you see Dr. Khoja at Vision Source of Crystal Falls for a thorough eye exam as soon as possible.

How is red eye diagnosed?

Dr. Khoja examines your eyes under high magnification as part of your annual eye exam. She asks questions about how and when your red eye symptoms started to help narrow down the cause.

Your description of symptoms is also important for diagnosis. For example, some causes of red eye trigger a foreign body sensation, while others don’t. If your eyes are simply sore and feeling tired but don’t feel like there’s a foreign body, that can help rule out conjunctivitis. If you’re sensitive to light, it can indicate some conditions but not others.

Once Dr. Khoja evaluates your eyes, talks with you in-depth, and considers all your symptoms, she’ll make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

How is red eye treated?

The treatment varies considerably based on the underlying condition. For bacterial infections, antibiotic eye drops are the usual treatment. With viral infections, Dr. Khoja can prescribe antiviral medication.

Eye allergies generally respond well to prescription eye drops. Treatment of corneal abrasions can include topical ointments or eyedrops. For a severe corneal ulcer, you’ll need to see an ophthalmologist. 

Each case of red eye is unique based on its causes and symptoms. Dr. Khoja prescribes the ideal treatment to return you to good eye health.

Use the online scheduler or call Vision Source of Crystal Falls to book an appointment now.