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For many men and women, dry eyes become more than just an occasional issue. If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, often called dry eye for short, you’ll typically have burning, stinging, redness, and other aggravating eye issues. At Vision Source of Crystal Falls in Leander, Texas, skilled optometrist Farrah A. Khoja, OD, prescribes personalized dry eye solutions to enhance both your comfort and your vision. Book your appointment online or by phone now.

Dry Eyes Q & A

What is dry eye?

Dry eye is a condition that shows up when the health of your tears isn’t good or when you don’t have enough quality tears. Your tear film is important because it keeps your eyes lubricated and flushes away irritants, bacteria, and waste from your eyes. Tear film also serves as a clear protective layer over your cornea, which enhances good eye focus.

Your tears include a mucin layer that lubricates, an aqueous layer that includes water, salt, oxygen, and protein, and a lipid layer that works as a sealant to keep the tear film in place.

 When you have too little natural tear film, or your natural tear film lacks all of these essential ingredients, your eye surface becomes vulnerable and can easily dry out. This is what’s known as dry eye.

What are the symptoms of dry eye?

Dry eye causes dry-feeling eyes that may burn or sting. Often, dry eye sufferers have bloodshot eyes. You can have scratchy-feeling eyes, or feel like there’s a foreign body in your eye. Some dry eye sufferers have eye discharge and even watery eyes.

In severe cases of dry eye, you might even have tears flowing from your eyes. But the tears are only the aqueous layer and lack the mucin and lipid layers of healthy tears.

How is dry eye treated?

At Vision Source of Crystal Falls, Dr. Khoja offers several excellent dry eye treatments. For mild cases of dry eyes, Dr. Khoja usually recommends lubricating eye drops. These drops can soothe your eyes to stop the burning and scratchiness.

If you suffer from chronic dry eye, Dr. Khoja can prescribe eye drops like Restasis® or Xiidra®, which can reduce inflammation and improve your tear production. You typically use these drops twice a day, and consistent use is vital for maximum symptom relief.

For severe dry eye, Dr. Khoja can recommend inserts that add lubrication to your eyes. You place the tiny insert under your eyelid once or twice a day, and it gradually releases lubrication for up to 18 hours.

If dry eye doesn’t respond to one of these treatments, Dr. Khoja can recommend punctal plugs to block your tear ducts or surgery to permanently close your tear ducts.

Use the online scheduler or call Vision Source of Crystal Falls today for dry eyes help.