Myopia Management


What Is Myopia Control?

Although an outright cure for nearsightedness has not been discovered, we are now able to offer a number of treatments to help slow the progression of myopia in children.

Why should you be interested in myopia control? Because slowing the progression of myopia may keep your child from developing high levels of nearsightedness that require thick, corrective eyeglasses and have been associated with pathologic visual conditions later in life, such as early cataracts, glaucoma or even a detached retina.

Regular glasses and contact lenses can help kids with myopia see more clearly, but they do not slow down it’s progression, which means kids may need increasingly stronger prescriptions as they continue to grow. However, certain types of contact lenses—including soft lenses—can slow down the speed at which myopia develops.

The best way to take advantage of methods to control myopia is to detect nearsightedness early. Early childhood eye exams are especially important if you or your spouse are nearsighted or your child’s older siblings have myopia or other vision problems. Request an appointment for your children today.

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