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How long are you wearing contacts lenses for each day?

A good contact lens wearer knows to always wash your hands before handling contact lenses, to always use fresh disinfecting solution and to replace the lenses as directed by your eye doctor. But how long are we wearing our contacts each day?

Oct 5th, 2018
Be Sun-Wise With Your Eyes

Most people are aware of how harmful UV radiation is to the skin, but many may not realize that UV radiation rays that lead to skin cancer and premature aging of the skin are just as bad for your eyes.

Jun 5th, 2018
Deciphering Between Allergies and Dry Eye Syndrome

Women are more prone, hormone therapy may increase incidences. Everyone experiences the symptoms from time to time: burning, irritable eyes, and/or a sensation that something is actually scratching the eye.

Mar 26th, 2018